How to Order is the fastest & easiest way to order chenille for a letterman jacket.

  1. The designer makes communicating the details of each patch effortless.
  2. Orders take a few minutes to place.
  3. We deliver patches in 3 weeks.

We don’t sell jackets, but the designer includes a jacket so you can show your customer exactly what their jacket will look like.

Step 1 – Start Designing

Click START DESIGNING on homepage, then find your school.

If you want to design from a blank template, click MY SCHOOL NOT LISTED.

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  • school

Step 2 – Design Your Patches

  1. Click EDIT PATCHES in the top bar.
  2. Add patches from the left menu.
  3. You can add Text or Inserts to patches by clicking ADD TEXT TO PATCHES or ADD INSERTS.
  • jacket
  • patch

Step 3 – Place Order

    Finalize your order & buy.

  • Place Order

Step 4 – Review & Approve Proof

    We email you an order proof to review and approve.

    Many dealers use the jacket portion of the proof as their PO for their jacket vendor.

  • Patch Proof

    Step 5 – We Deliver in 3 Weeks

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